Call for Papers



Joint forces for joint goals; a common platform for high schools and prep departments
May 15, 2010
İstanbul BİLGİ University, Dolapdere Campus
İstanbul, Turkey


Closing date for proposals: April 15, 2010


Keynote Speakers
Jacqui ECOUER, BELL Educational Trust, UK
Gordon LEWIS, Laureate Education, USA
Denise MCQUEEN-OZDENIZ, Sabancı University, TURKEY
Anne O’KEEFFE, University of Limerick, IRELAND


İstanbul BİLGİ University’s English Language Programs take great pleasure in announcing the 2010 ELT event entitled ‘AN OPEN INVITATION TO COLLABORATION IN ELT, joint forces for joint goals; a common platform for high schools and prep departments’ will take place at Dolapdere campus on May 15, 2010.


BİLGİ ELP would like to contribute to the synergy of practices & approaches in ELT by bringing together professionals from high schools and university prep departments. BİLGİ ELP also considers this conference as an opportunity in taking a step towards becoming an annual event in the academic calendar for professionals to discuss and further develop our ELT practices.


We are hoping that the occasion will gather colleagues from different institutions, where we believe many outstanding and distinctive ELT techniques, assessment and professional development schemes are being carried out. The conference is being organized with a view to help participants form a better understanding of each other’s experiences, and to provide the necessary assistance to English Language learners in the changing world of foreign language education. Without a doubt, this invaluable source of knowledge and expertise shared during the conference will enhance the repertoire of each and every participant.


The İstanbul BİLGİ University ELT Conference committee encourages the following topics/questions to be exploited by the presenters in a 60 minute interactive workshop format and/or a presentation of a tried and tested practice or a 30 minute paper presentation.



PS: Speakers’ accommodation and transportation will be provided by İstanbul BİLGİ University, should their proposals be accepted and if they represent institutions outside Istanbul.